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About Us

Central Agency is a company that provides highly qualified temporary employees to help businesses cope with short-term work overloads and special projects. Comprehensive procedures allow Central Agency representatives to accurately match our skilled temp employees with client's needs. We use advanced personnel placement software to automate operations, including skill matching and job placement as well as customized billing and reporting. 


Why Central Agency?

  • Competitive markup

  • 24/7 staffing service available

  • We provide transportation for our employees

  • We provide our own timeclock

  • We provide temp-to-perm direct hire

  • Specialized to fulfill any request

  • Prompt response to fill new job orders

  • Diversified workforce

  • Multi-Cultural staffing service

  • Central supervisor provided for large job orders

Your Guarantee

Central guarantees your satisfaction. Should Central temporary employees prove unsatisfactory, we will provide an immediate replacement. 

Your Savings

When you rely on Central Agency for temp or temp-to-perm employees, you increase productivity and profitability.

Savings include hiring costs, overtime pay, holiday, and vacation pay, sick pay, unemployment insurance, workers compensation, employer’s share of FICA, medical and life insurance costs, pension benefits and more.

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